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L’Oeil de Links – Tracking & compositing

julie Aug 8

In this video, I show the different steps to achieve the main VFX in the TV show L’Oeil de Links.
The face of the person presenting the link is inserted in a box.
Here are the steps to realize that:
– stabilization of original footage
– tracking and adjustments
– cleaning of markers on the box helping the tracking process
– insertion of the interview over the stabilized tracked box
– color grading and texture adjustments.

L’Oeil de Links is collaborative program dedicated to creations found on the web.
Everybody can be part of the editorial board by sharing their favorite links.
This show was broadcasted on Canal+, during 7 years until 2017.

Concept by Nicolas Thépot
Directors: Nicolas Thépot & Bernard Laurent
Directors assistant: Julie Faussard
Producers: Catou Lairet & Gilles Galud – Studio+
Editor in chief: Michel Besnier
Curators: Audrey Billard & Juliette Gamblin
Les Programmes Courts et Créations – Pascale Faure – Canal+

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